Marketing is a term which is widely heard, used and believed in the business fraternity. We are all familiar with the term. But are we familiar with what it means? OR  how it can be used to one’s advantage? The term is so broad that encapsulating it in few words or in a particular thought will not be doing justice to a particular business / industry as such. Every business needs to have a Marketing Plan that best fits THE BUSINESS and hence the beauty of it. I am also sure that we all know it. So, what am I talking about?

I am talking about how would you go about your marketing efforts? As in what should be your approach to marketing? One can take many routes to achieve their goals, like being persistent with repeated advertisements to stay in the minds of your target audience, specifically speak about how unique you are and why one should use your products of services, keep telling the world why you are better that than your competition and so on. Every approach has its advantages which is based on the industry or the type of business you are in to. But most importantly, it is the MANNER in which you try to get in to the minds of your customer that will win business!

I have this theory which I believe in. If you have a good product or a service that people need, then there is no reason why you should not have business, and more new business for that matter. But many businesses fail to gather this momentum. Why?!

In my opinion, it is the marketing approach that decides the success or failure of a marketing effort and this is the pivotal point that I want to make through this blog. I strongly believe that if you have a good product or service, then your focus should be on creating awareness in the first place and to get to know as many prospects as you can, and engaging with them, consistently. DO NOT try to push your product or service. They will come to you when they need you, if you are taking the right approach in reaching out to them.

It might seem to be a rather passive approach to many, but do you really think it is not the best way to go about new customer acquisition? Be out there in your market……know your prospects…….keep building on prospects……..establish relationships with your prospects………engage with them……and business will come to you! What do you think? Please do feel free to send your comments to


Kind regards,
Jay Thankappan