We offer marketing support to SME businesses that do not need a full-time marketing manager.

Marketing is, unfortunately, not given its due consideration by relatively smaller organisations, which is understandable when we look at it from a financial perspective. However, every such business owner would still desire growth! A bit of smart thinking, could help grow your business much faster than you would otherwise have done. We take our time in talking to you at length to understand your business, your concerns and your growth plans. This is where we start. Moving on, we offer tailor made services which are best suited for your business. All of this comes at a nominal cost which you will not regret having spent!

Marketing is particularly significant in the digital world that we are in today. I am sure you agree that it is more of a necessity than luxury. Not every company can afford a full-time Marketing Manager and that is where we can help you, significantly, by being your virtual Marketing Manager.

Creating marketing plans
Marketing campaigns through effective marketing communications
Creating innovative marketing materials
Creating innovative marketing tactics

Creating engaging contents
Content management

Product Classification
Cash flow management
Manage the complete portfolio

Creating catchy websites with high quality content writing
Managing SEO of your website
Keyword optimisation
Google analytics

Domain registration
Linux and Windows hosting
Dedicated servers

Corporate marketing events

Secondary Research
Research analysis

Business Strategy Consulting

Having a good product or a service alone does not ensure growth of a business. You need a good strategy too. A strategy that is ambitious, but practical, is what Enteej can help you with.

A good strategy can propel your company through a path of consistent growth. Factors affecting your growth can be many. It needs thorough understanding of your business and your target market in order to create a strategy that is best suited for your business. It takes time, but it is worth it. Jay has a passion for products and product marketing. Whilst building a good business strategy, it is also important to position your product well. We help in bringing new perspectives to your business through a practical and honest approach.

Every entrepreneur envisages growth. However, it is a hard reality that only a very miniscule percentage of all start-up companies end up making it big. The underlying reasons are, in most cases, very simple thoughts that act like iron-balls tied to ones feet! Growth is compressed. A good strategy, not necessarily a flamboyant one, along with commitment and desire to grow can deliver outstanding results.

holders within the organisation. It should be a team effort and employee skill sets may need to be honed as and when required to keep pace with changing environments.

Some entrepreneurs may not see themselves on a growth path despite having a vision and a good strategy in place. This is because, implementing a strategy is equally important as having one. More often than not, it will be due to lack of involvement and resistance to change from other stake

Comprehensive situation analysis
Objectives – discussion and insights
Competitor analysis

Process study
Best practices
Operations management

Market research and analysis
Product positioning
Competitive differentiation strategy

Market research and analysis
Product positioning
Competitive differentiation strategy