Some Past Clients

We have been on a transformative journey after our initial couple of years in the market offering exclusive business consulting. We are back in the market with additional services in the web development domain and we hope to populate this page with many more references in the near future. 

Swastika are our very first clients who are based in the beautiful state of Kerala which is also the land of Ayurveda. The project was on content writing for their startup manufacturing unit for Ayurvedic Hair Oil. The requirement was quite straightforward though, but it was tricky as well since Kerala is flooded with Ayurvedic oils and also to do justice to the manufacturing standards, since Swasthika products are manufactured with dedication and with total respect to age-old traditions for over 75 years. Swasthika is manufactured  by people who are ‘Siddha Practioners’ and it is their ‘Way of Life’. Testimony from Vishnu, a Director, speaks for itself. 

LAB.ME are also one of our very early clients, based in the U.S., who we got through the online platform, ‘Upwork’. It was a delight working with Dr. Anthony, one of the co-founders, who was so articulate in his requirements and was patient to explain any concerns that we faced from time to time. It was the precise communication that gave us the requirements perspective clearly and hence could do justice to the project which was for Market Validation from their startup which was soon to be launched. Here again, the testimonial speaks for itself. 

GOL is an online ticketing platform exclusively for travel to the islands of Lakshadweep. It was an end-to-end business consulting project from creating the Business Plan and Marketing Plan, to hand-holding them to their launch as the first and only online tourism portal for travel exclusively to the islands of Lakshadweep. It was a pleasure to work with two enterprising gentlemen from Lakshadweep, who are one of the best go-getters that I have ever come across in my life! They have now expanded to Mauritius as well. Way to go!